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Traveling with kids
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Traveling With Kids
The bustling, major cities of Vietnam can be overwhelming for the most experienced travelers, let alone children. In addition, there are added stresses of bringing your children to a foreign country. Let us help you take some of the burden off so you can also enjoy your family holiday.
An VIlla as your traveling base 
An Villa is perfectly located in an area promoted by the Government as eco-friendly. That means your kids will have much more open space and much less traffic. It's an ideal spot to escape from the bustling of Hoi An old town and tourist packed areas. 
 We have designed the place to welcome travelling juniors. The family style villas include living areas and kitchenettes at An Villa will help you recreate the comforts of home.            
Our pool provides plenty of entertainment for everyone. There is a designated playing area for kids, softer and low pillows and baby cots can be provided to rooms, dining chair for kids and quick baby changing room facility are included in our restaurant area. We even design our own organic mosquito spray for kids. The fact that owners also live here makes it a living place and you can always turn to us for solutions that most hotel dwellers can’t expect so quickly.


Our Vietnamese kitchen staff are happy to cater to specific dietary needs when possible. Popular choice for kids include noodles, soups and smoothies. Our Vietnam spring roll will win over any kids who normally don’t like vegetables. Kids also enjoy choosing their own ideas while making their own fresh summer rolls, from our Wrap and Roll plate.   
If you happen to have picky eaters in your family, Hoi An has plenty of quality western food options and An Villa is happy to assist you with customized take-out orders, or to direct you to particular restaurants. While you are on the road, you’ll easily be able to find most of your children’s favorite food, albeit at times with a Vietnamese twist. A customized “banh my” baguette style sandwich with cheese, egg, meat or veggies are mostly available anywhere.
Family Activities
On premises we offer board games to keep the family entertained. At any time, your kids can join along to pick vegetables from garden for cooking, enjoy our pool and draw or create crafts at the Kids' corner. Other kid friendly outdoor tours or activities can be arranged with us in advance or after you arrive here.  Daily kid-friendly activities available nearby include boat rides, arts, bicycling, cooking classes for children and much much more! Our general manager, Mr. Thai spent years as a tour guide and can assist you with more detailed requests. 
One of our core values in doing business is cultivate genuine kindness in what we do. Choose An Villa and you will be welcomed here as an honored guest and treated like a member of our family. We welcome you and your family to learn about our culture, try our locally cooked dishes or simply join us for a conversation by the pool. 
The Vietnamese people take great pride in family values, upbringing of children and will likely take great interest in your children. Culturally they will automatically show patience and support towards your children. This kind and safe environment for children brings comfort to Western families traveling to Vietnam.