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Seasonal special offer
Seasonal special offer

Most travelers would probably agree that cuisine is the most essential part of a journey. And no experience can compare to a traditional meal served in the right way which is not only a cultural journey but also a feast to your senses.
Enjoying meals together is one of the most important cultures of Vietnamese people. At the end of the day, friends and families gather in a dining table, share and appreciate another day of gifts from the soil, mountain, river and sea.
In our culture, we also believe that kitchen is where the love for our family spreads. And if we consider someone as our guests, we would love to treat them some home-made dishes as well as cherish with them some home-away-from-home moments.
We are a team of Hoian lovers with Hanoi hearts deep down inside. Being a guest at An villa, you will feel the spirit of these two beautiful lands in every corner, especially our cuisine. Our chefs combined the Hanoi taste with the best flavors of Hoian which becomes An villa’s secret recipes. As we are very brand-new and taking baby-steps to improve our menu, your opinions would be always appreciated. Let’s give us a chance to share with you some hidden facts about Vietnamese philosophy of health nurturing and lifestyle. We believe that it’s more than a meal, it’s a cultural journey.
Special offer for the monsoon season:
These days, Vietnamese from everywhere are looking forwards to come back home as the lunar August is considered a family reunion time. As most of our team are living away from home, we would love to invite you to celebrate our special family reunion with us.
Stay more than 3 nights: Enjoy a Vietnamese traditional 4-dish dinner which are:
• Crispy roast pork belly with An special sauce
• Sautéed morning glory with garlic
• Sour broth with minced pork
• Steamed rice