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Meet The Owners

We are five friends, all from Hanoi.  Although we come from different backgrounds and are quite different characters, we share the same interest in nature and self-improvement.  These shared curiosities helped manifest our idea of this utopia in the lovely town of Hoi An.

Thai: The lone gentleman of the group.  He was nominated by us to be general manager because of his excellent organizational skills and charming persona - although he’s still learning how to manage with all four of us ladies!  He used to be an adventure guide and tour developer so he’s the guy to go to for travel advice.

Mai: A modest, generous and warm friend to all.  She’s a real problem solver and the glue that holds the five of us together.  She now lives here with her eight-year old daughter, Chep.  Chat with her for wisdom in life.

Tam: Is known among friends as “Tiny Tam.”  She has a keen interest in Buddhism and spends her free time helping translate Buddhism based books into Vietnamese language.

Hang: Originally an IT solution and marketing genius, she has transformed into a DIY wizard.  She experiments and creates all the natural soaps and cleaning solutions for An Villa.  If you see her here, be sure to talk with her about Wing Chung martial arts movement, or her natural recipes

Hai: Our last addition to the group is currently living in Hanoi and finishing up some conservation projects.  She will soon join us and start her upcycling art projects at An Villa.   Be sure to check out the Front Shop from time-to-time to see her creations.